Real Estate Investment Loans in Exeter

Investment property financing is a great choice for individuals considering the purchase of a new investment property or getting refinancing for a current property. With the right Exeter investment property loan, in conjunction with favorable financing provisions and interest rates, real estate investors can readily climb the success ladder.

Real estate investors in Exeter would be happy to hear that investment home mortgages, as well as being easy to qualify for, are in addition fast closing. Private mortgage companies, contrary to many banks, will provide money to a self-employed borrower, so long as the investment is able to bring in revenue, and the borrower is knowledgeable in real estate undertakings, and offers a transparent and sensible exit strategy and demonstrates the financial capability to repay the loan. Aside from that, a down payment of some type would be needed, either in the form of cash or utilizing equity within the property. Since privately held loan companies ordinarily require much less paperwork compared with banks and government bureaus, private real estate investment loans in Exeter take less time compared with standard loans and close fast.

For a lot of real estate investors, the preexisting equity locked within a home is often a great way to generate money for upcoming real estate projects or to raise the amount of cash they have on hand. For example, a married couple located near Lake Michigan in a tourist destination purchased a bank-owned investment home for $600k. They did some improvements which set them back $150,000, and after that the home, which was being run as a B&B, was evaluated at $1.2M according to a certified appraiser.

The net annualized cash flow received from the home added up to $120,000 per year. Their below average credit score of 460 meant it was much less likely for a standard bank to aid them in retrieving their personal investment in the property by doing a refi on the existing mortgage loan. Island View Private Loan Fund (IVPLF) approved a real estate investor loan at 65% loan-to-value, supplying the couple $780,000, and allowing them to retrieve the investment capital they originally put into the project.

Investors who wish to do a cash-out refinance to make use of the equity inside of other investment properties to purchase additional properties may also go with real estate investor loans. Look at the instance of an individual who purchases a fix-and-flip property in Exeter, completes the needed renovations, but is unable to locate a buyer for it. With his money stuck in this house, he ends up missing out on many other real estate investment opportunities whose timing he cannot predict. Most ordinary lending institutions, along the lines of a bank, are not going to approve a cash-out refinance if the individual hasn't owned the house for at least 12 months. But IVPLF can grant a cash-out refi of up to 70% loan-to-value, as calculated by how much the house appraises for, even when the home is uninhabited.

At IVPLF, we recognize that your needs as a real estate investor may vary considerably. Your research for a suitable Exeter real estate investment loan ends right here. Submit the form or call us to discuss which investment property loan will be best for your property.

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