Real Estate Investment Loans in Wichita

Countless real estate investors make use of investment property financing to buy an investment property or to refinance a current home or building. Having access to Wichita investment property loan offerings at the proper time, with the proper loan conditions, duration and rate, will help real estate investors keep going on the path to success.

As a real estate investor in Wichita looking for financing alternatives, you would be interested to hear that investment home mortgages aren't only easy to get approved for, but are also fast closing. Though the majority of banks hesitate to provide funds to a self-employed borrower, privately owned financing companies will not have an issue granting financing, as long as the home has a strong likelihood of generating income, the person has completed similar projects in the past, and he offers a well thought out strategy for an exit and the fiscal ability to satisfy the mortgage terms. In addition, a down payment of some kind will be needed, either by means of hard cash or utilizing equity within the property. Because privately owned lending companies ordinarily need less forms and documents than banks and government agencies, private real estate investment loans in Wichita take less time when compared with standard loans and close fast.

For many real estate investors, the preexisting equity in a home can be quite an easy way to generate capital for other impending property purchases or to improve the overall level of money they have on hand. As one example, a couple who lived near Lake Michigan in a tourist area purchased a bank-owned investment home for $600k. They sunk $150,000 into transforming and remodeling the house, after which they turned it into a B&B rental and the appraised valuation rose to $1.2 million.

The home produced a net income of $120,000/year. But with a poor FICO score of 460, there wasn't any way they would be able to work out a loan with a regular bank to recoup their $150,000 personal expenditure. Yet, Island View Private Loan Fund (IVPLF) was able to complete a real estate investor loan for them at 65% LTV, letting them free up the money they had personally put into the project.

Real estate investor loans are likewise a superb option for those who want to do a cash-out loan refinance to unlock their preexisting equity for other types of purchases. Picture somebody who purchases a house in Wichita and repairs it and brings it up to date, but cannot flip it because of changed circumstances. With his cash tangled in this particular project, he winds up missing all kinds of other real estate investment opportunities whose timing he can't predict. Banks or other traditional financial institutions won't say yes to a cash-out refinance if the applicant has held the property for less than one year. But even if the property is empty and waiting around for a purchaser, IVPLF can still complete a cash-out refinance up to 70% loan-to-value of the as-is valuation of the premises.

At IVPLF, we know that your personal needs as an investor in real estate can vary dramatically. If you are in need of a lender who understands your requirements and can present you with reliable information concerning your Wichita real estate investment loan choices, you've discovered the ideal place. Submit the form on this page or call us and let's talk about which kind of investment property loan is going to be most suitable for your project.

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