Private Real Estate Mortgages in Pennsylvania

Countless real estate investors depend on private real estate financing to pay for a new property, or rehab or refinance one they already have. While conventional lending institutions like banks necessitate a lengthy, drawn out application process and in all likelihood will be reluctant to loan money to a self-employed borrower, private mortgage loans in Pennsylvania close fast and have minimal eligibility criteria.

This is very good news for real estate investors considering that a person with lousy credit can apply for private money for a real estate loan given that he has a promising deal, he has adequate money for a down payment, he has shown himself able in the real estate market, and can show a sensible exit strategy. Additionally, Pennsylvania private real estate mortgages close fast to give you financing without delay, helping you close on a deal within two to three weeks.

In general, clients get in touch with a private mortgage lender in Pennsylvania when:

  1. A remodeling job or update will help them offer the house at a much higher price or bring in extra rent.

    One example is a customer who held a two-unit rental property. He previously built up considerable equity available in the asset and the monthly rent checks was a recurring revenue stream. He wanted to do some renovation to the property so that he could keep his rents high, but a low credit score of 520 meant a bank would undoubtedly turn down the mortgage request. When he approached Island View Private Loan Fund for a loan, we were pleased to do a cash-out refinance at 65% of the property's market value.

  2. They're saddled with multiple unsecured debts and would like to consolidate them.

    Multiple unsecured debts with different rates can be very overwhelming and difficult to keep an eye on. This is the reason a lot of people decide to take advantage of the equity available in their house to combine each of their debts into one loan which has a lone payment per month.

  3. They want to utilize the equity available in a current home and property to do an additional real estate project.

    By way of example, one of Island View's past borrowers located in Hawaii had a home appraised in excess of a million dollars. Though it was challenging for him to secure a buyer for the property, he had a person that was wanting to lease it with an option to purchase it. The rent checks were sufficient to cover the cost of his ongoing mortgage bill, property taxes and homeowner's insurance payments. The tenant additionally put two hundred thousand dollars towards a non-refundable down payment as he signed the 3-year lease. These assurances meant that he no longer had to be concerned with the property's ongoing expenses, and thus, when a new real estate investment opportunity showed up, he came to IVPLF and received a private mortgage loan at seventy percent loan to value. The loan helped him finance a new investment as well as pay down his primary mortgage.

  4. The balloon payment for a prior mortgage is due and they can not afford it.

    If an unforeseen incident prevents a person from meeting his balloon payment due date, he can contact an alternative loan company to refinance. Refinancing ahead of the term date allows you to make the deadline for the balloon payment and avoid penalties in connection with failing to pay the balloon payment.

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