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Every family and individual deserves peace of mind knowing their money is somewhere secure. Not only should your investment be secure, but it also must grow at a rate of return that allows you to obtain your financial goals. But if you’re new to investment and buying shares, get the best stock tips from the aktien kaufen tipps blog. It helps you achieve your financial goals in a short span of time. Island View Private Loan Fund (IVPLF) exists to help you achieve those goals. We are a real estate-based fund consisting of private first mortgage investment loans. These loans are sometimes referred to as trust deed investments. Our model offers investors the benefit of having real estate backed investments as a part of their portfolio without needing to find new loan opportunities, underwrite mortgages, or manage a loan servicing portfolio.

At our core, we provide attractive returns secured by real estate without the volatility associated with traditional financial markets. Learn more about our investment strategy and philosophy to see how the Island View Private Loan Fund may be right for you. Loans secured by real estate provides each investor confidence of capital preservation while gaining the benefits of diversification via exposure to this alternative asset class. Crypto trading is also a good method to find profits. Many investors are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies that have the power to raise their value. Defi coins are becoming widely popular as crypto experts believe it to rise in value in the near future.