Private Real Estate Mortgages in Wyoming

Private real estate financing gives assistance to investors who want to pay for, fix up or refinance a property utilizing a short-term mortgage from a privately owned company or an individual. In contrast to loans from banks, Wyoming private mortgage loans are fast closing, easy qualifying and accessible to self-employed customers.

That's very good news for investors considering that even somebody with poor credit can opt for private money for a real estate loan given that he has a deal that shows promise, he has enough cash for a downpayment, he has proven himself capable in real estate, and can show a preplanned exit strategy. Furthermore, if you're searching for a fast closing, you won't come across any options better than Wyoming private real estate mortgages.

Typically, customers seek out a private mortgage lender in Wyoming when:

  1. They are in need of funds to remodel a home and offer it at a much higher price point or to rent it out for more money.

    To illustrate, a past investor owned a twin-home / duplex. He already had a significant amount of equity available in the house and the rent generated steady cash flow. He sought to perform some improvements to the place so that he could keep his rents high, but a low credit score of 520 meant a bank would doubtless turn down his mortgage application. After he got into contact with Island View Private Loan Fund to get a loan, we were happy to complete a cash-out refinance for 65% of the property's appraised value.

  2. They wish to merge each of their debts into a single loan.

    Numerous outstanding debts with varying lending rates can be very overwhelming and challenging to manage. Because of this, many people make the decision to utilize the equity available in their home to merge each of their unsecured debts into one loan with a lone monthly payment.

  3. They want to use the equity within an existing home to work on another real estate project.

    To provide an example, a borrower located in Hawaii owned his residence which was appraised at $1,200,000. His idea was to sell the house but it never transpired and he finally was forced to be content with leasing the place, with an option to purchase it at a future time. The rental agreement payments served to meet his current mortgage payment, property taxes and insurance. The tenant also put $200,000 for a non-refundable advance payment when he signed the 3-year lease. These sureties meant that he no longer had to worry about the home's future financial obligations, and thus, when another promising investment opportunity surfaced, he reached out to IVPLF and got a private mortgage loan at seventy percent LTV. This allowed him to make the downpayment for his next investment, and at the same time repay his current mortgage.

  4. They need assistance to meet the balloon payment for the current mortgage.

    A real estate investor who already has an existing private mortgage loan and is not able to afford the balloon payment because of a change of circumstances can fill out an application for refinancing from a new loan company. A cash-out refinance will help the person pay the balloon payment and evade penalty.

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