Real Estate Investment Loans in South Carolina

Investment property financing is a good choice for investors thinking of buying an investment property or refinancing a current home or commercial building. With the appropriate South Carolina investment property loan, along with suitable financing provisions and interest rates, real estate investors can readily climb the ladder of success.

Investment home mortgages, because they are fast closing and easy qualifying, give South Carolina real estate investors huge advantages. In contrast to banks, private financing firms will not frown upon the approval of a loan for a self-employed borrower, particularly if the house can generate income, and the person has proven practical experience in real estate operations, as well as an exit strategy and the financial ability to come through on the terms. In addition, a down payment of some type would be required, either by means of hard cash or making use of home equity in the property. As compared with typical banks, privately owned mortgage lenders require less paperwork, making private real estate investment loans in South Carolina fast closing.

Real estate investors who may have extra equity inside of their real estate holdings can utilize it towards additional real estate ventures or to strengthen their amount of working capital. By way of example, there was a husband-and-wife pair who acquired a bank-auctioned home for $600k in a well-known tourist destination on Lake Michigan. They invested $150,000 in improvements, and afterwards used the home as a B&B offering short-term accommodations. It was then assessed at $1.2 million by a third-party appraisal professional.

The net annualized revenue derived from the home added up to $120k/year. Their below average credit score of 460 meant it was improbable for a traditional bank to help them recover their personal investment in the house by refinancing the previous mortgage loan. Island View Private Loan Fund (IVPLF) granted a real estate investor loan at 65% loan-to-value, providing the couple $780,000, and helping them get back the cash they initially put into the property.

Real estate investor loans can also be a superb alternative for people who want to do a cash-out refinance to release their existing equity for other types of purchases. Look at the instance of a person who purchases a fix-and-flip property or home in South Carolina, completes the needed renovations, but struggles to find someone to buy it. With his cash trapped in this property, he ultimately ends up missing out on many other real estate investment opportunities whose timing he can't predict. Conventional lending institutions, such as banks, necessitate the applicant to have owned the home for at least 1 year. But even when the property is unoccupied and sitting around for a purchaser, IVPLF is still able to administer a cash-out refinance of as much as 70% LTV of the as-is valuation of the premises.

At IVPLF, we understand that your wants and needs as a real estate investor may vary dramatically. In case you happen to be in search of the ideal lender that can explain to you your options regarding South Carolina real estate investment loans, look no further. Enter your info into the form on this page or call us and let's talk about which investment property loan will be best for the property you have in mind.