Real Estate Investment Loans in Texas

Countless real estate investors utilize investment property financing to purchase an investment property or to refinance a current property. The ability to access Texas investment property loan offerings at the proper time, with the proper loan conditions, term and rate, will help real estate investors carry on down their path to success.

Investment home mortgages, because they are fast closing and easy to be approved for, provide Texas real estate investors huge benefits. In contrast to banks, private financing institutions do not pooh-pooh the approval of a loan for a self-employed borrower, particularly if the house can create a profit, and the client has proven experience in real estate operations, along with an exit strategy and the financial ability to satisfy the terms. The individual will also want to either have funds available for a down payment or be okay with working with the home equity inside their property. When compared to typical finance companies, such as banks, private lending institutions require a smaller amount of paperwork, making private real estate investment loans in Texas fast closing.

Real estate investors who've built up extra equity inside of their real estate holdings can put it to use towards additional real estate ventures or to strengthen their amount of working capital. For instance, there was this husband-and-wife couple who acquired a bank-auctioned house at a cost of $600,000 in a popular tourist destination near Lake Michigan. They did some enhancements worth $150,000, and afterwards the home, which was being run as a B&B, was professionally appraised at $1.2M.

The total annualized revenue made from the property added up to $120,000/year. A weak credit score of 460 made it almost impossible to work with a standard bank to recuperate their personal expenditure of $150k. Island View Private Loan Fund (IVPLF) authorized a real estate investor loan at 65% loan-to-value, giving them with $780,000, and helping them get back the money they initially put into the property.

Real estate investor loans can also be a superb solution for people who would like to do a cash-out loan refinance to unlock their preexisting equity for various other real estate transactions. Suppose an investor acquires a distressed house in Texas and fixes and flips it, but is unable to sell it right away. With his cash caught up in this specific home, he winds up missing out on numerous other investment opportunities whose timing he cannot predict. Most standard loan companies, along the lines of a bank, won't say yes to a cash-out refinance if the borrower hasn't held the property for less than a year. But no matter if the property is vacant and waiting for someone to buy it, IVPLF can still complete a cash-out refi all the way to 70% loan-to-value of the as-is value of the premises.

As an investor in real estate, you should have a lender who will understand your distinct funding needs. Your research for the right Texas real estate investment loan comes to an end here. Submit the contact form on this page or get in touch with us via phone to talk about what type of investment property loan would be ideal for the property or properties you have in mind.