Rental Property Financing in Illinois

A rental home in a good part of town — regardless of if it's a single-family house, a condominium, a duplex, a triplex, or a fourplex — can be quite a rewarding investment decision for almost any real estate investor seeking regular monthly revenue and a sound financial future. Although a few people choose to make use of their personal savings to fund their investment homes, many others go with Illinois rental property loans. But the difficulty is that it can be harder to receive approval for a loan from the bank when you do not possess a superb credit score or if you are self-employed. What's more, the majority of banks have an approval process that is long and drawn out, which makes a fast closing nearly impossible. But finding a mortgage loan for a rental property isn't as painful as you may imagine.

Numerous private financial organizations or individuals offer rental home loans in Illinois, which can be used by real estate investors for buying a new investment rental property or to refi an earlier mortgage. In contrast to bank loans, the individual's credit score and take-home pay are not the most important factors that determine qualification for these short-term loans with interest rates starting from 10% — the property's cash-generating capability and the individual's real estate know-how may also be very applicable. Illinois rental property loans aren't just easy to be eligible for, but are additionally fast closing — meaning that you don't have to let any more real estate investment opportunities fall through your fingers because you're waiting for a bank loan to be approved.

As an example, a self-employed real estate agent in South Carolina once approached Island View Private Loan Fund for rental property financing to obtain a single-family home. Although she maintained a terrific credit score and was able to put 30% towards the house, being self-employed with irregular income meant that conventional funding options were not possible. At the same time, she knew that the opportunity was far too good to miss out on. The 30% down payment and a thorough analysis of rental housing costs in the community worked out in her benefit, and IVPLF approved a private mortgage loan for her without delay, making it possible for her to to capitalize on a remarkable deal.

A great many investors also refinance an old loan for a new one so that they can draw on the equity in their existing investment properties. Among IVPLF's customers happened to be a real estate investor who owned a rental condo clear and outright. He was a self-employed freelancer and in excess of 30 days past due on his credit card payments. He finalized a cash-out refi on the property to pay down his credit cards and gave himself some space to breathe since the new mortgage payment was taken care of by his rental revenue from the condo.

A major step is taken if you've found the proper Illinois rental property mortgage lender for your real estate endeavor. Submit the form or give us a call, to talk about your project.