Rental Property Financing in Kansas

Virtually all real estate investors realize that obtaining a rental home, be it a studio, a duplex, a triplex or a fourplex in a great community, is many times a guaranteed means to pull in extra money every month. While some people would prefer to use their personal savings to finance their investments, many others opt for Kansas rental property loans. But a horrible credit score or the lack of a regular, salaried job — like being self-employed — will make it hard for you to procure traditional sorts of financing. Moreover, with speed having the role as an essential factor in many real estate deals, you're going to also want a fast closing rather than the typical 45-90 days it will take for a traditional bank loan approval to be issued. Luckily, there are further means to procuring a mortgage loan for a rental property.

Real estate investors, who are about to purchase a new investment rental property or looking to refi an existing mortgage loan, can always approach private loan companies for a rental home loan in Kansas. As an alternative to the borrower's income or credit score, these types of loans, which come with reduced durations of 6 months to 3 years and lending rates starting out at 10%, are frequently decided upon by the specific property's ability to generate consistent cash flow, an outside appraisal of the place, and in some cases, the borrower's familiarity with managing rental properties. Kansas rental property loans aren't only easy to be eligible for, but are additionally fast closing — which means that you do not have to let any more investments slip through your fingers because you're waiting around for a bank to approve your loan.

One of Island View Private Loan Fund's customers included an independent realtor who had been in search of rental property financing to purchase a single-family home in South Carolina. Despite the fact that she maintained a superb credit score and was capable of putting 30% as a deposit for the home, being self-employed with inconsistent earnings meant traditional financing was extremely unlikely. Yet she could not let this unbelievable opportunity go to waste. Using the considerable deposit and positive rental market analysis, IVPLF had no difficulty issuing her a private loan to allow her to make the most of this outstanding opportunity.

A lot of investors also execute a cash-out refi on preexisting properties and assets to make use of the equity within them for an additional real estate investment or to repay other unpaid debt. IVPLF previously had a customer who had paid off a rental condo. He was self-employed and over 30 days past due on his credit card bills. He completed a cash-out refinance on the place to repay his credit cards and gave himself a bit of space to breathe since the new loan payment was taken care of by the rental income from the condo.

You've made a nice start if you have come across a good Kansas rental property mortgage lender to fund your deal. Complete the contact form or call us, to talk about the property or properties you have in mind.