Rental Property Financing in Louisiana

A rental property in a good community — whether a single-family residence, a condominium, a duplex, a triplex, or a fourplex — is generally a worthwhile financial investment for a real estate investor seeking consistent monthly revenue and a solid personal economic outlook for years to come. Though certain people can pay all cash to purchase their properties, another possibility is to apply for a rental property loan in Louisiana. Yet, in case you are self-employed or have a poor credit score, it can often be very challenging to get a conventional lender like a bank to approve funding for your next investment. And with speed having the role as an important factor in most real estate transactions, you will also want a fast closing instead of the standard forty-five to ninety days it can take for a standard bank approval to happen. But obtaining a mortgage loan for a rental property is not as painful as you may believe.

Many real estate investors prefer a rental home loan in Louisiana from private financial firms to fund their new investment rental property or to refi an existing loan. Unlike bank loans, the borrower's credit score and take-home pay are not the most critical variables that decide eligibility for these sort of short-term loans with rates starting from 10% — the property's cash-generating capacity and the person's real estate experience may also be quite relevant. In short, the easy qualifying and fast closing Louisiana rental property loans from private lenders will let you take advantage of every profitable prospective real estate deal coming your way.

Take the case of the independent real estate agent from South Carolina who reached out to Island View Private Loan Fund, hoping to invest in a single-family home making use of rental property financing. Regardless of the fact that she possessed an amazing credit score and had plenty of personal savings to devote towards a 30% deposit, she had a low probability of being eligible for a bank loan, considering the fact that she was self-employed. At the same time, she believed that the opportunity was too financially rewarding to pass up. The 30% deposit and a thorough assessment of rental housing costs in the area ended up in her benefit, and IVPLF agreed to a private loan for her without delay, enabling her to make the most of a great home.

Some real estate investors also swap out an old loan for a brand new one to be able to draw on the equity within existing investment properties. Among IVPLF's customers was a person who owned a rental condo without a mortgage. He did not have a regular salaried job with a steady income and was past due for his credit card bills by more than month. He did a cash-out refi on the property to pay down his credit cards and gave himself a little breathing room given that the new mortgage payment was paid by his rental income from the condo.

Choosing the best Louisiana rental property mortgage lender who is aware of your business needs and the real estate investment landscape is half the battle. Complete the form or call us, and let's talk about the property or properties you have in mind.