Working diligently to save for the future is a difficult task, however, navigating through current financial market conditions can prove to be even more challenging. At Island View, we understand why the priority of principal preservation is on the mind of most investors when it comes to choosing an investment. Our investors have earned what they have and are looking to safely and consistently grow the capital they’ve obtained.

Our firm’s focus is working with clients whose main investment objectives are:

  • To maintain principal
  • To earn an attractive return
  • To reduce the volatility of traditional financial markets

Island View facilitates these financial objectives through the private mortgages we underwrite. Our current investors have found private mortgages to be an indispensable part of their financial portfolio.

There is a strong demand from real estate investors that are in need of private mortgage financing, and this demand, in combination with our experienced management team, presents a strong platform by which to facilitate new loan opportunities. Our thoroughly underwritten alternative investments generate returns that provide consistency coupled with the security of being backed by real estate.

Island View Private Loan Fund is here to serve as an integral part of your overall financial strategy. Find out what our investors have known for years, private real estate loans are secured investments with consistently attractive returns. It’s that simple. For more information on how Island View Private Loan Fund can assist with your investment goals, contact one of our Managing Partners.